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Our Concepts

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Cutting-edge concepts

At the vanguard of global food & beverage trends and traveller trends, HMSHost International continuously seeks and creates innovative concepts that introduce red-hot culinary experiences, pioneer new brands, and enhance the happiness and wellbeing of those on the go.

Custom-designed concepts

We are renowned for designing and operating our own innovative restaurant brands – from scratch. Often, a concept we’ve developed sparks passion at one location and could ignite another. Before launching in other countries, however, we rigorously test and fine-tune the concept to ensure it resonates with the locale, culture and consumer needs. As we do with all our restaurant brands.

We believe that value is built together. That is why we actively collaborate with our landlords and partners, creating new products and services with them and developing successful concepts and locations.

Innovative menus

Culinary innovation is at the heart of our operations. We constantly develop new ideas in our food offering. And work tirelessly with our own chefs, celebrity chefs and restaurateur partners to create inventive menus that inspire today’s diverse, trend-hungry travellers.

Bespoke concession designs

No two airports are alike. Each draws on the geography, industry, tourism and history of the region it inhabits. That’s why our international team dedicate themselves to scanning global traffic flows and traveller profiles to produce world-class concession designs. Ones that harmonise with the specific needs and appeal of each location creating an authentic sense of place.

Licensed brands

In an unfamiliar place, travellers often seek out the familiar. That’s why we ensure their favourite restaurant brands are on hand. Not only can they savour a dining experience that meets their expectations, but we infuse every eatery with an authentic local flavour of where they’re landing – or taking off. 

Our concepts video

All over the world with local brands, custom-designed restaurants and mouth-watering dishes.