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Technology @ Kebaya Asian Brasserie

Fine cuisine combined with intelligent ordering technology

Digitalisation is never a goal in itself. But HMSHost International wants to be relevant in every phase of the travel process with smart digital solutions. That is how we keep improving the guest experience and accelerate services. A good example is Kebaya Asian Brasserie at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, where orders are placed at lightning speed via interactive digital menus.

Ordering straight away

Asian brasserie Kebaya offers the surprising tastes of the Asian cuisine: from Indonesian to Japanese food. This fine Asian cuisine is combined with intelligent ordering technology. When the guests arrive, they immediately come across the interactive touchscreens on which they can examine the menu. As soon as the guests sit at their table, an associate hands them a tablet on which they can browse through the menu at their convenience and place an initial or extra order straight away.

Picture perfect

The app is available in three languages: English, Dutch and Chinese. Thanks to tasteful pictures of the Asian fusion dishes, guests of all nationalities can understand the menu. In the future, guests will also be able to order and pay using their own mobile device, making the service even easier.

Directly from guest to chef

The precondition stipulated by HMSHost International was that the tablet app had to be fully compatible with the existing digital information systems, such as the screens that display the orders in the kitchen. When a guest places an order, it is sent to the kitchen straight away. The order is also sent automatically to the screens at the bar and to the sushi, stir fry and dim sum counter, so that all dishes can be prepared at the same time and the guests can be helped much faster.

Curious how HMSHost International can upgrade or improve the digitalisation at your high traffic location? Don’t hesitate to contact our developers for a no-obligation appointment.