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The secret of 50 years of successful cooperation

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol & HMSHost International

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has been HMSHost International’s home base for half a century. In 2017 we celebrated that cooperation in the anniversary year. Here, it all began in 1967. Both Schiphol as HMSHost International has experienced tremendous growth in those 50 years. We asked André van den Berg, executive vice president of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for his experiences and his vision for the development of Food & Beverage (F&B) at the airport.

André van den Berg commends HMSHost International’s infinite flexibility: “In HMSHost International we have a partner who understands perfectly what today’s airport should offer his guests.”

Unbridled growth

André van den Berg: “In the past few years, we have experienced tremendous growth in passenger flows. This is noticeable not only in the lounges and at the concourses, at security and in the aircraft, bus also in the vast number of people making use of the F&B facilities at Schiphol. That means extra business for restaurants and retailers, but also puts tremendous pressure on their logistics and organization. As a partner, you have to be able to cope with this.” The key word for bringing a partnership into perfect balance is ‘openness’. “To me, being a partner is being open and honest towards one another. It means that you inform one another when things aren’t going well, and that you spur one another to take up new challenges and collaborate with one another on innovation. I genuinely appreciate how HMSHost International is a proactive company capable of resolving numerous issues independently. They understand perfectly well that our number one priority is to run an airport, and that we may therefore not be able to focus as strongly on the F&B aspect.”

International expertise

“HMSHost International continues to lead us forwards in terms of innovation. They do this by regularly introducing new concepts, such as their recent launches of LEON and Kebaya at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, as well as by continuously striving to improve their level of service. Because HMSHost International’s scope of operations now extends far beyond Schiphol, this means that we can tap into their international expertise, network and passion for innovation.”

Personal Dutch touch

Schiphol is an airport with a typically Dutch touch. “Airports tend to look all the same, despite the fact that travellers like to experience where they are. We create this ‘sense of place’ in numerous ways. Schiphol has an authentic Dutch Bar & Kitchen, for example, which serves great beer. This balance between international appeal and local relevance is something that HMSHost International genuinely understands.” Besides the Dutch touch, André values the personal touch: “At Schiphol we aim to provide ‘service with a personal touch’. We want travellers to be helped in a polite and pleasant manner. This is exceptionally difficult to achieve, given the dynamics and busy atmosphere of the airport.“ HMSHost International puts a lot of effort into training and coaching its associates. This is reflected in pleasant guest experiences. “When you are served in a personal and attentive way at an airport, this can even make you forget a negative experience. The difference is genuinely made by the person pouring your coffee or bringing you your sandwich. HMSHost International understands this like no other.”

HMSHost International is world leader in creating dining for travel venues. Interested in a cooperation or how HMSHost International can upgrade or reinvent the F&B concepts at your location? Don’t hesitate to contact us.