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How Jaya makes the difference

Treat your employees the way you would like to be treated and provide them with every avenue to success. That’s the rule we live by at HMSHost International. We recognise, highlight and celebrate significant individual or team achievements, as it fuels self-esteem and pride, builds loyalty and ultimately grows our business results.

Take Jaya Sachwani as an example. As the Company Secretary of the HMSHost Entities in India she keeps challenging herself. “Every day comes with an opportunity to expand our business, to learn new business strategies and to establish our brand at the airport. Honestly, no monotony here!”

Perfect blend
Jaya started her career in the India and Middle East Region of HMSHost International in the beginning of 2016. And her job developed substantially over time. “Back then I was handling the legal and compliance affairs of HMSHost for one Indian Entity and a joint venture. By the end of that year we won the Master Concession of Terminal 2 at Indira Gandhi International Airport. That added yet another company to my work.”

In 2018 Jaya and her team expanded the HMSHost International branch into the Maldives market. This made her job even more challenging. “From applying various mandatory national and local operational licenses, to incorporating HMSHost Maldives. Besides compliance, I’m also handling legal matters, with all due support of my professional team and colleagues. So, what else do I need? HMSHost provides me with a perfect workplace, supportive management and never ending learning possibilities. The perfect blend if you ask me.”

Motivation and satisfaction
The colleagues of Jaya describe her as a highly qualified young lady always willing to learn and take on extra responsibilities. What keeps her motivated? “I honestly love numbers. When I work on strategic plans and business cases, I gain so much satisfaction out of the complete exercise. Every business case comes with its own set of complexities and the opinions of the Management Team of HMSHost International within the process. It helps me understand the business model in all possible ways, which is very interesting.”

Making impact
The trust and support that she feels, combined with the development of her job, make Jaya look forward to coming to work every day. “One moment I’ll be making a deep dive in profit and loss accounting of the business units so that we can take appropriate measures to reduce costs and enhance profitability. And the next day I work on a report on the major differences in the business cases which helps the team to understand cost components and how they can affect this. It feels like every single thing I do has an impact on the company’s business, which makes me more responsible and meticulous.”

Expand my horizon
The passion and willingness to learn radiate from Jaya. And she likes to convey that behaviour to the rest of her colleagues. “I strongly endorse ‘walk the talk’. It’s important to have an open attitude and be a reliable colleague that dares to take initiative.”

It will not surprise you that Jaya has not yet finished learning at HMSHost. “I’m planning to pursue chartered secretary and a governance professional course from The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in the UK. I want to be able to contribute to our growth by handling a wide compliance and governance role. And I’m pretty sure that HMSHost International will be happy to expand my horizon once I have that degree in hand.”

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