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5x F&B consumer trends

Spotting trends early contributes to our innovative brand portfolio. To be and stay a leader in the field of Food & Beverage, it is crucial to be able to jump on changing consumer needs in a timely fashion. These five trends have their impact in the range of concepts and the set-up of the concepts throughout our international network.

Starring role for vegetables

A growing proportion of the population are flexitarian, vegetarian or even vegan. We are learning more and more about the impact of our meat consumption on the welfare of animals, our own health and the consequences for the planet. Moreover, vegetables are increasingly given a starring role, instead of a supporting role, on menus and in dishes. A good example of this is Pret A Manger In Denmark and the Netherlands, which focuses on healthy fast food and plenty of choice for vegetarians.

Advantage through technology

Technology is being used to produce and process food in a more efficient, innovative, fairer and more sustainable way. What about smart ordering systems, more efficient refrigeration or ingenious packaging that help to prevent food waste. Energy and water conservations are also important focus points for HMSHost International, where technological innovations help us to achieve more impact.

Waste doesn’t exist

The food service sector has declared war on food waste. Companies are increasingly looking for ways to limit waste to an absolute minimum and process waste flows in a smarter way. That leads to more respect for food, a better world for everyone and a healthier margin for businesses. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol works with separate waste flows. These waste flows are reduced through the Tomra waste press that processes seven times more rubbish.

Healthier together

Lifestyle diseases and the obesity epidemic are the negative consequences of our modern food consumption habits. There is increasing pressure from the government for the food production sector to take responsibility. Forward-looking food suppliers are taking the lead with this. And that includes HMSHost International. Take, for example, the range of fresh juices and shakes of GrabandFly. And healthier dishes, such as fresh salads, bowls and sushi.

Individual food preferences

In times of far-reaching individualisation, consumers increasingly develop personal food preferences. That is sometimes prompted by food intolerances or allergies, but more often by personal convictions. As a supplier, you must be able to respond to those individual wishes as much as possible. By allowing consumers to put together or serve their salads and meals themselves, the guest decides him or herself. This is currently taking place at numerous F&B concepts, such as Harvest Market.

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