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5x F&B consumer trends

Spotting trends early contributes to our innovative brand portfolio. To be and stay a leader in the field of Food & Beverage, it is crucial to be able to jump on changing consumer needs in a timely fashion. These five trends have their impact in the range of concepts and the set-up of the concepts throughout our international network.

Sustainability is the new normal
Local and regional are the magic words of these times. But the large global chains still play a major role in the food supply. Brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Starbucks are actively searching for more sustainable, more local and healthier ways of running their businesses. And with their scale, small steps immediately make an enormous difference. For example, employees of the GrabandFly outlets wear T-shirts made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles and Starbucks has opted for fair trade coffee beans.

The honest story
The story behind our food is becoming increasingly important. Purity, transparency and authenticity are important principles for future generations. Young consumers want to feed their stomach and soul, but preferably not at the expense of the planet. La Place at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with its own herb greenhouse, where hyperlocal fresh herbs are grown, is a good example of this.

24/7: Anytime, anywhere 
Working, eating, relaxing and meeting: these are all increasingly less tied to fixed times or places. And that has consequences for our eating habits. Breakfast, lunch, dinner... they are increasingly merging into each other. Due to the different time zones in which travellers find themselves at airports, this has already become totally commonplace in recent years. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was one of the first places in the Netherlands where visitors could choose from a varied Food & Beverage range around the clock.

Behind the scenes of international cuisines 
Now that travelling has become common practice, an increasing number of consumers are discovering new dishes from a number of international cuisines. HMSHost International offers travellers the opportunity to sample a wide range of dishes. At Helsinki Airport guests are offered typical Nordic dishes at Pier Zero and Nordic Kitchen. And popular pho soup can be found at all airport in Vietnam.

Artistic food 
Food and drink are sources of inspiration for creatives. Food designers, fashion designers and performers are searching for creative applications for, through and with food and drink. Fashion, design and performance art are expected to play an increasingly important role in the guest experience in restaurants and retail outlets in the future. A great example of this is the shop window of Café Chocolat, full of eye-catching temptations: a real chocolate jeweller.

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