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HMSHost leads the way with sustainable packaging plan in the Netherlands

Schiphol, 3 March 2020 - “Now is the time to act by giving a sustainability lens to packaging, Food & Beverage (F&B) as a national sector is taking a natural first step towards the overall sustainability that is needed in the industry globally,” states Bastiaan van Asten, HMSHost International’s VP Food & Beverage. Recently, HMSHost International joined in sketching out sustainable packaging goals for the sector’s 2022-2025 planning in the Netherlands, in line with the industry’s ambitions to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

“Only by working together can we achieve fundamental changes in the market. Acting as a collective, we can succeed in making a cultural change. This, however, will only work if there is a broad support base," asserts Bastiaan van Asten. Leading Dutch F&B companies have come together in collaboration with KIDV (Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging), agreeing on ambitions and objectives relating to sustainability in the industry. Within this group, HMSHost International committed to an ambitious sector plan with the aim of making packaging more sustainable.

Bastiaan van Asten continues: “The hospitality industry in the Netherlands is characterised by fragmentation with many different players. A hamburger chain has different challenges than a brand in which coffee plays the leading role. However, all comes together in our sector, as we manage all kinds of branded outlets in our market. As a result, we have an accumulation of various requirements and wishes of players in our market. So it's our job to look for common drivers, and begin with finding an accelerating kick-starter.” This is set on a scene of social opposition to the use of (one-off) plastics, and increased awareness of the harmful amounts of litter in the environment. "This also encourages us to rethink a circular economy for packaging."

The plan aims to create a more circular packaging system: “We want to accomplish this by using less packaging materials wherever possible, collecting (litter) waste more efficiently, and promoting recycling. With a sector plan in our hand, we can inspire the market to take further steps and to co-invest in alternatives."

“This issue is high on the agenda for the concept development, facilities and F&B purchasing and assortment departments of HMSHost International. Together with our suppliers, we pay a lot of attention to primary and secondary packaging and the origin of the materials used, while with our business partners, and our landlords, we look at how we can further separate various waste streams. It is no surprise that this is a complex challenge at railway stations and shopping malls. And even more so at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, where more than 71 million travellers from 330 different destinations come together in one place."

In addition, the ambitions of HMSHost’s business partners demonstrates the value and importance placed on a sustainable strategy. We want to align our plans with the strong ambition of our business partners like Royal Schiphol Group and the Dutch Railways. Van Asten continues, “Strong goals for which we, as a concessionaire, want to work hard. By working together, we can influence production processes and habits, and change the market in the Netherlands. As part of Autogrill group, we have a global strategy to ‘Start Somewhere’. Many small actions to build a better future together. This is the real secret to our success; you cannot achieve real changes alone, but only together."