June 06, 2018

There is always time to taste

Summer is coming! That means big crowds at airports of people who can’t wait to start their holiday. Travel causes, however, also time constraints. To address this concern, HMSHost International developed a summer campaign with the message ‘There's always time to taste’.

HMSHost invites travellers to enjoy their boarding time to the most in a culinary exploration. Whether it’s on the early check-in or a little rush, there’s always time to taste and make travelers feeling good on the move. The international campaign will run in Abu Dhabi, Australia, China, England, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar and Vietnam.

Marlijn van Straaten, VP Marketing & Communication of HMSHost International: “An airport is, in the first place, intended to efficiently transport passengers, but our brands and associates add another dimension to this. We create places and situations where attentiveness is key. Our outlets are ‘places to be’. Places where overview, hospitality and attention to detail are priorities, and where people feel at home. Travelling can be very stressful. It’s our job to create a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere. And we can do this only if we are genuinely willing to give our guests the attention they deserve.”