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Cookie statement HMSHost International

HMSHost International uses cookies on the website ( In this statement HMSHost informs you about the use of cookies on her website.

We like to explain to you:

  • What cookies are;

  • why we use cookies (of third parties);

  • which cookies are used;

  • how you can enable or disable cookies;

  • how you can delete cookies; and

  • how you can receive more information about the use of cookies.

In some cases personal data will be collected through the use of cookies. How we handle your personal data is explained in our privacy statement.

This cookie statement has last been revised on 24-5-2018.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file which is send together with the pages of this website and is saved by your browser on the hard drive of the device you are using to access the website. The saved information is returned to our servers, or the servers of relevant third parties, whenever you visit our website again.

Why does HMSHost International use cookies?

HMSHost International does not use a lot of cookies, the only cookie we use is Google Analytics. This cookie is used to give HMSHost International insight in the manner or website is being used by the respective visitors. 

Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to receive insight in the manner in which our website visitors use our website. This insight, among others, gives us the possibility to keep improving our website. We have concluded a data processing agreement with Google, Google is not allowed to share or use the collected data for other services and the IP-addresses collected are anonymized. Google is allowed to provide information to third parties, however this is only allowed when they have a legal obligation to do so or this is necessary to process the information on behalf of Google. For more information on the processing of your data by Google Analytics can be found in the privacy policy of Google.

Right of access, correction or deletion of your data

You have the right to ask for access to and correction or deletion of your personal data. You can request the exercise of your right(s) by contacting HMSHost International, our contact details are placed at the foot of this statement. To prevent abuse we can ask you to adequately identify yourself. In the case of personal data coupled to a cookie, we will ask you to send a copy of the respective cookie to us for verification. Cookies can be found in the settings of your browser.

Enable and disable cookies

It is possible to change the settings of your browser in order to only have cookies saved on your device when you have consented to this. One option is to change the settings of your browser to “Block cookies of third parties”, this way you only accept the cookies which enable Google Analytics, the proper functioning of the website and social media, and at the same time it prevents the storing of advertisement cookies. Please note that the most websites will not perform optimally when cookies are disable.

Deleting of cookies

Most cookies have an expiration date and will automatically, after a certain period of time, stop collecting data of your website visits. However, it is also possible to manually delete the cookies before they have expired. In order to do this you can consult the manual of your browser.

More information about cookies?

On the following webpage more information can be found regarding cookies:


For questions and or comments regarding our cookie policy you can contact us via mail:

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