August 14, 2019

Helping Hands in Vietnam

Our commitment to the local society

Creating a local sense of place and a unique experience at our airports is crucial to satisfy the needs of today’s demanding travellers. At HMSHost we understand that our local successes can only be achieved through the hard work and perseverance of our associates, partners and suppliers. That’s why we care deeply for our local communities and initiate programs like Helping Hands in Vietnam to also give back to the communities and environment around the locations in which we operate.

Together we make a change

Helping Hands in Vietnam was launched in September 2018. It’s a meaningful project that empowers our associates - from managers to operational associates to interns - to contribute to their local society and environment. Through an ongoing program of events, HMSHost in Vietnam initiates various activities which our associates can choose to actively participate in.

Helping Hands has already initiated several memorable events based upon the five fingers that are symbolic to the five goals that Helping Hands wishes to instil.

Yes we care

By taking a proactive stance in our communities, we can make a difference for tomorrow. Through a project like Helping Hands we give back to our communities and the environment where we operate. Our actions will not only strengthen our place in the community, it also brings associates closer together and provides us with valuable insights as to where our efforts need to be directed. By helping to instil a culture of responsibility in our communities, we make employees feel good about their contribution and proud of our efforts.

Hands-on mentality

One of more unforgettable events was the Mid-Autumn Celebration for underprivileged children last year. During August 2018, each of the five branches of HMSHost Vietnam visited a local charity house and paid a visit to around 100 disadvantaged and underprivileged children. By sharing giftpacks with food, drinks and school stationery we tried to make their Mid-Autumn season a little brighter.

Another memorable moment was the beach clean-up in March 2019 where a team of volunteers collected garbage along the beach in Bai Vong Port, Ham Ninh commune. This had a big positive impact to Phu Quoc, helping to make it a more attractive destination for visiting tourists. But it also offered our associates a chance to personally contribute to the beach clean-up, and actively help to protect and preserve part of their local nature, which filled them with pride.


HMSHost International is not only concerned with business, we are driven to give back to the communities we are a part of.