October 29, 2018

The art of dynamic design

Designing a sound interior for a high traffic location is indeed an art form. How do you respond to the dynamics of an airport and create a comfortable environment for your guests at the same time? HMSHost International involves Studio Linse, among others, for challenging design projects like that at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Owner Paul Linse: "As a designer HMSHost International grants me much freedom to provide spatial solutions."

Unique challenges

"To me, as a designer, projects at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are enormously interesting. The interior has to provide comfort, but you cannot afford to rule out the dynamics of an airport. It’s important to establish an atmosphere that’s appealing to a substantial target group of international travellers, that expects to be served at any moment in any time zone. On top of that you have to comply with the regulations and the security restrictions of the airport, which has a great impact on your choice of material. If you’re not careful it all waters down the design. It’s a real challenge to come up with a unique and authentic concept."

An interior that draws in passing guests

The latest project of Studio Linse commissioned by HMSHost International, is Döner Kebab & Pommes Frites at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: a lively, fast-paced concept that exudes quality and comfort. From a quick snack to go at the front of the store to a casual seating area in the back that offers a pleasant dining option for customers with a little time to spare. "The design is intended to draw in passing guests. The ceiling is designed in such a way that the different components form a funnel to optimise the incoming and flow-through of people.’ The design has an open and accessible character and the white metro tiling in combination with natural coloured wood reflects the atmosphere of a traditional kitchen. ‘Travelers are often unsettled, in a rush and impatient. The transparent design and the clear-cut black & white signage facilitate a quick decision." Again Paul is very enthusiastic about the cooperation with HMSHost International: "The fact that we respect each other’s know-how makes it possible to achieve results that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing."

Iconic design

Another fine example of the successful cooperation is provided by Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar. "At the start-up of a new concept we are handed down guidelines in a briefing: the offering, the desired brand experience, the general price level and the target audience. Our advice is based on that," says Paul. "We recommended to build a highlighted, eye-catching big wall that draws immediate attention. In addition, we ensured a timeless design: modern, but not trendy. That’s what characterizes all our design. I don’t like volatility, I try to interpret materials in such a way they remain relevant for a longer period of time." Concerning Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar, that mission has been accomplished: even after 15 years, the concept is still perceived as iconic. "The biggest compliment you can get from a client, is to hear that a certain location performs beyond all expectation. Ultimately, that’s your common goal. No one is interested in a location praised by the designer if that location is not appreciated by its guests."


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